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The Wild BBQ
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The Wild BBQ

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Public holidays


Sate van wildzwijn
This super tasty wild boar satay is ideal for eating on the barbecue. Marinate a...
Wilde gyros van wildzwijn
This is one of the most surprising recipes we have made from game on the...
De beste wilde barbecue sauzen: Chimi-churri en chermoula
These two sauces go great with wild barbecue dishes. Very easy to prepare in advance...
Pulled Wildzwijn
Take your time and enjoy this spectacular barbecued game dish. By slowly roasting the wild...
Hertenrug van de barbecue
Deer loin remains one of the tastiest, tenderest but also easiest pieces of game that...
Reerug met black-pepper sauce van de barbecue
An amazing way to serve deer back from the barbecue. Even though venison is the...