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The Wild BBQ

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Public holidays


Sate van wildzwijn
This super tasty wild boar satay is ideal for eating on the barbecue. Marinate a...
Wilde gyros van wildzwijn
This is one of the most surprising recipes we have made from game on the...
Pulled Wildzwijn
Take your time and enjoy this spectacular barbecued game dish. By slowly roasting the wild...
Wildzwijn rug van de barbecue
Wild boar is game that is very suitable for the barbecue. The meat may be...
Wildbiefstuk van de barbecue
Steak remains one of the most versatile cuts of game in the kitchen. Yet for...
Predetarische ramen met Wildzwijn
Who doesn't love a steaming bowl of ramen? There are many good vegan alternatives, but...