A world full of biodiversity and nature

We are on the hunt for biodiversity with the Predetarian.

We offer a fair alternative to factory farming.

We do this by making delicious products from real wild meat, without cages, additives and loss of nature.

Factory farming vs Wild

We choose to no longer participate in the bio-industry and want to help you with a fair alternative.

“We are there for nature lovers, foodies, wilderness and a world full of biodiversity.”

The beginning

About five years ago we started to look into what our food does to nature, animals and the planet.

As avid fishermen, birdwatchers and hunters, we feel a strong connection with nature and see with our own eyes that things are not going in the right direction.

We discovered that factory farming and intensive agriculture are largely responsible for the disappearance of ecosystems, environmental damage and the climate problem.

Apart from the animal suffering, this meant that we no longer wanted to participate in factory farming. We decided to only eat responsibly foraged game.

Friends and acquaintances then asked us what we were, vegetarian or some kind of vegan? But you still eat meat, right?

Then the term Predetarian was born: Vegetable + Wild. Less meat and different.

Not pigs, cattle and chickens, but wild boars, deer and geese.


Due to factory farming and intensive agriculture, nature is in danger of becoming increasingly out of balance.

This imbalance causes some animals to exert too much pressure on their habitat.

They eat the landscape bare, causing insects, pollinators, birds and other vulnerable flora and fauna to disappear.


By properly managing and utilizing nature, we help restore balance. This benefits biodiversity and produces a beautiful piece of wild meat.


We collect game where this is possible or necessary, and process it into 100% Predetarian products of the highest quality and deliver it to your home.

At the same time, we work to restore ecosystems in areas affiliated with us.

The target

Our goal is to create a world full of biodiversity and real nature.

We use the money we earn to invest in our affiliated areas to make intervention less and less necessary.

The Predetarian should eventually no longer be able to exist.

Will you participate?

Who are we


As a fisherman, birdwatcher, hunter and all-round nature lover, I want to help people become more connected to nature.


As an amateur chef, I want to show people that more sustainable eating can be done very easily and deliciously with game. Very occasionally meat, but really good.


Making the right choices is not always easy. My goal is to help people easily make a responsible choice.

Knowing more?

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