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Wild is for every occasion and every moment. It is not just for Christmas or winter, but all year round. Enjoy our charcuterie products during drinks, surprise your guests during your next dinner with one of our delicious game recipes.


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We deliver the game products frozen. This way we prevent loss of moisture and flavor and the meat remains wonderfully tender and beautiful in structure. Moreover, the product has a nice long shelf life in your freezer.

Do you want to use the product? Then place it in the refrigerator and let it thaw for 24 hours. From that moment on, the products will remain good for about a week.

Hast? Place the product in the packaging in a container with lukewarm water. This way you speed up the defrosting process and you can use it straight away.

On the delivery day itself, you will receive a more precise indication of delivery by text message.


We deliver it personally

We will personally deliver the game to you. Are you unsure whether you can receive them? Please leave a special message on the checkout page so that we know where the wildlife can be left.


Running out of stock?

What are you waiting for? Order a new stock and make sure your freezer is nicely filled with the most delicious game. This way you always have something tasty at home for your next drink, dinner or party.

The target

Our goal is to create a world full of biodiversity and real nature.

We use the money we earn to invest in our affiliated areas to make intervention less and less necessary.

The Predetarian should eventually no longer be able to exist.

Will you participate?

Who are we


As a fisherman, birdwatcher, hunter and all-round nature lover, I want to help people become more connected to nature.


As an amateur chef, I want to show people that more sustainable eating can be done very easily and deliciously with game. Very occasionally meat, but really good.


Making the right choices is not always easy. My goal is to help people easily make a responsible choice.

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Kaj de Jager

James Snoerwang

Philip Buys

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