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Wilde herten prosciutto
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Wild Prosciutto (Deer, Deer & Wild Boar)
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The Roe

The roe deer is found throughout Europe and even in the United Kingdom. It is a native species and is mainly found near forests and agricultural land.

Deer meat is considered the best wild meat you can get. It is extremely tender, very nice and rich in taste, but no gamey taste.

The roe deer has a very diverse diet of more than 140 different plant species. You actually see the deer snacking instead of grazing. They eat a blackberry here and an herb there. You can immediately taste this in the meat.

Our deer only come from areas where hunting is possible or necessary. In forestry areas they cause a lot of damage to young trees or eat the natural forest regeneration. This problem can be solved by doing more regenerative forestry, but this just takes time. Until then, hunting is a means to keep the population low and get a delicious piece of meat at the same time.