Frequently Asked Questions

The wildlife comes from areas affiliated with us.

Our game is carefully selected and comes directly from hunters who work according to strict guidelines for sustainability and animal welfare.

We deliver the game products frozen. This way we prevent loss of moisture and flavor and the meat remains wonderfully tender and beautiful in structure. Moreover, the product has a nice long shelf life in your freezer.

Do you want to use the product? Then place it in the refrigerator and let it thaw for 24 hours. From that moment on, the products will remain good for at least 3 days.

Hast? Place the product in the packaging in a container with running lukewarm water. This way you speed up the defrosting process and you can use it straight away.

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In Amsterdam we deliver by bicycle and outside Amsterdam by car.

Our products are frozen and we transport them in special cool boxes with cooling elements.

We will send an email with additional information one day in advance and a text message on the day itself with the current delivery information.

For delivery within the Amsterdam ring road, twice a day during the week, except on Friday evenings.

Outside of this country we deliver on Tuesday evening, Wednesday evening or Friday during the day, depending on where you live.

Our products are frozen for quality and freshness. We do this at a minimum of -21 degrees.

We then pack the order in special cooling boxes and add cooling elements. This ensures that everything stays at the right temperature.

We then reuse these boxes again, so that you end up with the least amount of packaging possible.