Wild Boar: A (honest) choice

The best alternative to factory farmed pork.

Our wild boars only come from areas where hunting is possible or necessary. Wild boars can cause major damage to agricultural lands or forest areas. Due to their rapid reproduction (sometimes up to two litters per year!), numbers in Europe are growing steadily. Management is therefore necessary in many areas. This relieves the pressure on nature and produces a delicious and honest piece of wild meat.

This juicy and tender meat is not only a delicious culinary experience, but also a conscious choice for the environment and animal welfare.

Why choose Wild Boar?

Natural diet

Wild boars live in their natural habitat and feed on a varied diet of acorns, roots, grasses and other natural food sources. This provides a unique taste experience that preserves the pure essence of the meat.


By choosing wild boar meat you contribute to sustainability. Wild boars are hunted responsibly, which helps to keep the population in balance and prevent damage to ecosystems.

Animal welfare and health

Unlike pigs from factory farms, wild boars have sufficient space to move and live in freedom. They grow up without antibiotics and other additives, making the meat pure and natural.

The flavor profile of Wild Boar

Wild boar meat has a unique taste characterized by its rich, spicy and slightly sweet notes. The meat is lean, juicy and full of flavor. The diversity of food in their natural habitat gives the meat a characteristic, beautiful, rich taste, so you don't have to do much with it anymore.

Order Wild Boar online

You can easily order wild boar meat from our website. Our products are carefully selected and come directly from hunters who work according to strict guidelines for sustainability and animal welfare.

Do not wait any longer! Try our delicious wild boar products now and enjoy the unique taste experience that this product has to offer. Order today!