Landgebruik: De grootste uitdaging van ons voedselsysteem

Land use: The biggest challenge of our food system

Jun 27, 2023Kaj de Jager

Land use: The biggest challenge of our food system

One of the major problems in our food system is land use. Livestock farming is by far the largest user of this.

To give some perspective:

To produce 1 kilo of beef we need 25 kilos of feed. To produce all our food and feed for our livestock, we use almost half (46%) of all usable land area on the planet. For comparison, we only use 1% to live on.

This 46% is used for 77% by livestock farming, ironically providing only 18% of our calories and 37% of our proteins.

If we stopped eating meat from factory farms, we could return 30,000,000 km2 (700x the Netherlands) to nature and produce the same amount of proteins and calories at the same time.

Let this sink in for a moment.

So we are using a significant portion of our usable land to produce only a small portion of our food needs.

It is clear that there is not enough land on Earth to provide everyone with large quantities of meat. However, meat does not have to disappear from your diet completely.

Game is managed to preserve and protect nature and biodiversity. With the amount of wild meat that is released, people in Europe can eat a piece of meat once in a while. Just imagine what would happen if we turned all those plots of ryegrass and silage maize that add nothing to biodiversity into nature again?

This is what the Predetarian believes in; vegetable & wild. Real wild meat without cages, additives and loss of biodiversity. We only collect game where this is responsibly possible or necessary to protect or strengthen ecosystems. All our products, except game, are free of animal products.

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