Boeken: Ons Voedselsysteem

Books: Our Food System

Jul 06, 2023Kaj de Jager
The Predetarian Tips: Books about our food system.
Once in the rabbit hole of our food system, there is no stopping it. Here are three tips to delve into the current problems, ideas and solutions of our food system.
The Top 3:
#1 | Regenesis - George Monbiot
#2 | Out of the Shit - Thomas Oudman
#3 | Ultra-Processed People - Chris van Tulleken
#1 | Feeding the world without devouring the planet.
A strongly substantiated deep dive into our food system and where it all starts, our soil. George Monbiot takes you on his quest for a sustainable food system for everyone and gives concrete examples of how things can be done differently.
Don't feel like reading: Check out this presentation by George Monbiot in De Balie.
#2 | Plea for more farmers and fewer livestock.
A book from the Correspondent's "Sparks" series. A concrete, clear and substantiated explanation of the current problems in our agricultural system.
Don't feel like reading this? Check out this episode of the Rudi and Fredi show (podcast) with Thomas Oudman.
#3 | Why do we all eat stuff that isn't food... and why can't we stop?
A journey through the world of Ultra-Processed Foods. Food that is not made to nourish, but to make you eat more. The book is rational, strongly scientifically substantiated and not pedantic. You just no longer walk normally through a supermarket after reading it.
Don't feel like reading: Check out this podcast.

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