De Predetariër

Wild Pastrami


Pastrami is traditionally a Jewish-Hungarian delicacy that used to be made from goose and is now often made from beef. The geese we use for this pastrami are shot in North Holland. After picking, the fillets are first pickled in brine. They are then given a herb crust and then smoked over wood and further cooked. Delicious with drinks, on a sandwich or with a salad.

Preparation method:
This pastrami is cooked and therefore only needs to be cut into thin slices.

Packed per:
Piece approximately 150 grams.

Shelf life:

Store at a maximum of 7°C: 14 days.

Can be stored below <-18°C until the best before date stated on the packaging.

Perishable after opening

Always trust your senses, you will notice what is not right. We strive for the highest quality, but if this is not possible, please contact us.


All our animal products are delivered frozen. We do this to prevent loss. Throwing away food is a mortal sin for us. Don't worry, it doesn't affect the quality.




Onze wildfond geeft stoven en sauzen een smaak die je alleen in top restaurants ziet. De fond is gemaakt van de botten van hert en ree wat samen met kruiden en groente een fantastische smaak geeft aan al je gerechten.

Gebruik de fond als basis voor al je sauzen en stoofpotjes, gegarandeerd succes.

Verpakt per 250 ml