De Predetariër

Wild Steaks (Deer, Roe & Wild Boar)


Beef and pork steaks will no longer be on your menu after you taste them. You can taste the forest and their rich, varied diet in these beautiful products.

We have three varieties: deer, deer and wild boar.

Deer: Deer steaks are the most refined, but are somewhat smaller. Our Wild Blackberries & Port sauce goes very well with this.

Venison: Venison steaks are somewhat larger and have a nice taste and tenderness. The Wild Blackberry & Port or Green Pepper & Wild Marjoram sauce both go very well with venison.

Wild Boar: These are the juiciest because they contain more fat. These steaks are also rich in flavor due to the diverse diet of the wild boars. The Green Pepper & Wild Marjoram sauce goes very well with Wild Boar.


- 2 steaks
- Salt, pepper, olive oil, rosemary, garlic

Let the steaks come to room temperature, season them and fry in hot oil with rosemary and garlic (3-4 minutes per side for medium-rare).

Let rest, carve and serve with one of our sauces.

In the case of Wild Boar, the steaks should not be rare, so fry them a little longer.

Let rest for a while before serving.

100% European deer, wild boar or roe deer

Store at a maximum of 7°C: 3 days.

Can be stored below <-18°C until the best before date stated on the packaging.

Perishable after opening.

All our products are delivered frozen, we do this to maintain the highest quality.

We deliver all our products throughout the Netherlands and also offer the option to collect orders at one of our collection points.